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Hemingway in Paris

Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Henry Miller: Paris in the roaring twenties attracted an incredible number of promising American writers. Among them was a young journalist named Ernest Hemingway, from Oak Park Illinois. Would he have imagined then that he would receive the Nobel Prize thirty years later? Maybe not, but it is in Paris that his dream of becoming a writer came true.

Why Paris? How were these early years decisive for his career as a writer? Who were the women of his life? Heavy drinker, boxer but also a disciplined and hard-working writer and a loving father. Between myth and reality, let's walk in the steps of Hemingway.


This 2h30 walk will take you from the Latin Quarter to the Luxembourg Garden, Montparnasse and will end in Saint Germain des Prés. Sites will be seen only from outside and include places where Hemingway lived, worked, drank as well as his favorite strolls.

1 to 6 participants = 180,00€ 

7 to 20 participants = 260,00€

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