APRIL 1st 10am / Versailles Family tour - Zevallos Family

APRIL 1st 10am / Versailles Family tour - Zevallos Family

Meet me in Versailles on April 1st (and this is not a joke!!!) to discover life at the palace when kings (and queens!) used to live there. 

You like to play? So do I, and I have a booklet for each of you, make sure you take a good look and find the important details...


Was everything fine under the sun for the Sun king? Did kings actually work? How was it to live in such a wide and cold palace among thousands of other people?  What did everyone do for fun? 

What was the purpose of having a huge "hall of mirrors"?

Let's discover this and much more while pacing the king's and queen's appartments as well as the famous hall of mirrors. 


After our tour of the palace, I will guide you throught the gardens and especially the secret groves, which, on Fridays, come alive with music and waterfountains!


Once our tour is over, you are free to have a picnic in the gardens and continue on to Marie-Antoinette's estate, a more intimate kind of palace with a wondeful English garden. 



  • Meeting Point

    Friday April 1st @ 10am below the statue of King Louis on his horse.

    The statue is located on the main parking lot, a 5 minute walk from the train station.

    I will send you detailed instructions and pictures.

  • What's included?

    - reservation of a time slot with the Palace

    - entrance tickets for the palace, gardens + the Queen's estate if you wish to take a stroll there in the afternoon

    - Private tour of the palace and gardens (3 to 4 hours in total)

    - audio equipment for your comfort

    - observation game booklets