July 15th - Private tour of Versailles Palace and Petit Trianon

July 15th - Private tour of Versailles Palace and Petit Trianon

Meet me in Versailles to discover life at the palace when kings (and queens!) used to live there. We will tour the Kings' and Queens' appartments, where I will tell you the story of Versailles, how and why it was built, why it was used for a hundred years only and how it ended (badly of course) for the Royal Family. 

On the tour, you will understand why the Palace is so much more than what it looks like, a museum first but a major political symbol, still today.


Was everything fine under the sun for the Sun king? Did kings actually work? How was it to live in such a wide and cold palace among thousands of other people?  What did everyone do for fun? 

What was the purpose of having a huge "hall of mirrors"?

Let's discover this and much more while pacing the king's and queen's appartments as well as the famous hall of mirrors. 


After our tour of the palace, we will make our way to the Petit Trianon, either by walking through the gardens or hopping on one the trains that travels through the whole estate. 

There we will enjoy the intimate atmosphere that the last Queen of Versailles was so fond of. 

Is Petit Trianon just about growing roses and partying with one's friends? Yes and no... Little did Marie-Antoinette know when she retreated to her private cottage and hamlet, that she was paving the way for more hatred from her people...

Petit Trianon and the Queen's hamlet are always a great way to fully understand not just life at Versailles but also the Revolution and rediscover the art and architecture of then end of the 18th Century.  



  • Meeting point:

    12pm below the statue of King Louis on his horse, on the main square in front of the Palace (in between the two parking lots)

  • Tour duration:

    5 to 6 hours


  • What's included:

    - time slot booking with the Palace

    - entry tickets

    - guided tours of the Palace and Petit Trianon