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June 21st - Corinne Family & Friends

June 21st - Corinne Family & Friends

To see, or not to see the Louvre. . . with frighteningly large crowds, you may ask yourself that question.

It just depends on how you actually see it.
For me there is only the emotion of taking you to some less traveled sections where sleeping beauties are waiting to be admired. The pleasure of explaining why movie stars like the Winged Victory of Samothrace, or Venus di Milo have become so famous. The vivid memory of my first visit to the medieval moat. The shivers when you think of all the history these walls have witnessed.

Whether it is your first or fifth time, let's go!!

The tour will cover the preselected areas depending on your choice of tour (Highlights or specific sections/artworks or a mix).

Then let's hop on the metro for a well deserved lunch break at one of the many bakeries or restaurant in Montmartre before exploring the painters' hill...


A martyr, Jesuits and nuns, broke painters, a very special fortune teller, what do they have in common? Montmartre of course!
From Metro station Blanche or Lamarck we will start climbing the most picturesque hill of Paris, exploring both its touristic side and the less crowded side streets. This stroll will be an occasion to evoke Picasso and his crowd, Van Gogh, Renoir. . . and Boronali!

Visited sites: Moulin Rouge (from outside), rue Lepic, Picasso's studio (from outside), Montmartre Museum garden, Place du Tertre, Sacré Coeur, Saint Pierre de Montmartre, the Mill of the Galette (from outside), le Lapin Agile Cabaret (from outside), le Clos Montmartre vineyard.
Please note that no comments can be made inside the two churches we are visiting. I will explain from outside and accompany you inside.

Please note that sites and monuments are seen from outside, except for the Sacré Coeur church and Saint Peter church.

Moulin Rouge, rue Lepic, "I love you wall", Picasso's studio, the mill called "Moulin de la galette", Place du Tertre, Saint Pierre de Montmartre church, Sacré Coeur, le Lapin Agile Cabaret, le Clos Montmartre (vineyard).

The itinerary will be customized depending on our pace and your interests.


    Skip the line tickets do not guarantee a fast entrance anyas there are usually long lines for security checks.

    Depending on the time of the year, there may also be very long lines to access the Salle des Etats where the Mona Lisa is exhibited. If this is the case, we can save that room for the end of our tour, I will provide you with all the information and background you need to have a clear and insightful look at this masterpiece and you can then chose to wait in line at the end of the tour to enjoy a tête-à-tête with lady LISA. ;)

  • What's in the price?

    - Louvre tickets reservation

    - Entrance tickets: 2 adult tickets and 4 "free" tickets (2 under 18 and 2 with disability card)

    - guided tour from 8:45am to 3pm

    - audio equipment foir the Louvre

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