Would it be fun to live like a king? Hmm, not so sure.


And do you know who was the first influencer of history? (And she wasn't even using TikTok!!!)


Let's go to Versailles Palace and check for ourselves.

We will start from your hotel and ride the metro and train to the city of Versailles.

From there, after a 10-minute walk we will reach the golden Palace of the Louises (don't worry, there are only 3 Louises and they are very easy to recognize!)

There, we will stroll the incredible golden palace and imagine how kings and queens lived here, and marvel at the amount of gold, marble and mirrors! I will tell you the real meaning of all the paintings and sculptures, some sort of coded messages that the king intended for his visitors...

On our tour we will visit the king's apartments, Hall of Mirrors and Queen's appartments. 


After we have toured the palace, you will continue on your own with the gardens and why not the Queen's estate and hamlet in the afternoon.

I will provide you a map and train tickets for the ride back.


Optional :

I can book a restaurant for lunch : 



I can book a driver for the ride back or for the full day. Price depends on duration of service.

March 25 - Guided tour of Versailles Palace

  • Important :

    The ride to Versailles takes around 1h00, whether by train or car. Going to and visiting Versailles involves a fair amount of walking, plan to have good shoes and some snacks and water!!!

    For 2 adults and 4 children, the price includes the following:

    - Guiding services

    - Tickets reservations (and restaurant and driver reservation if needed)

    - Entrance fees

    - Train tickets

    - Audio equipment


    The tour starts at 9am at your hotel/apartment and ends in Versailles around 1pm.