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Orsay Museum Private Tour - April 6th

Orsay Museum Private Tour - April 6th

Pictorial and social revolutions in the time of Impressionism will have no secrets for you!

A complete private tour of a spectacular museum: although much smaller than the Louvre, Orsay Museum has so much to offer!!

From Millet's peasants, the incredible architecture of the museum itself, the very large number of Impressionist masterpieces, the surprising and fun miniature replica of the streets of Paris or Opera house to color blinding art by pointillist painters or Van Gogh and Gauguin. . . and all the stories around the artists. There is so much to enthuse about in Orsay!!

What I love to look at with visitors on this tour is how social and technical evolutions paved the way for the major Impressionist revolution and how artworks are telling us that story and many more. . .


  • What's included:

    - ENTRANCE TICKETS to the museum for 2 participants 


    - PRIORITY PASS for fast track access


    - a 2h30 PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR inside the Orsay Museum


    - audio equipment for your comfort in case of crowds

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